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Mental Health and LGBT+

Some people who identify as LGBT+ may experience difficulties that affect their health and well-being. This page looks at some of the issues affecting LGBT+ people and how to to best support them.

LGBT+ Mental 


Stomp's LGBT+ Mental Health Guide
Why do so many LGBT people suffer from mental health problems?
Group task, to protect your mental health

Exercise One: Spot the Signs 

Identifying the physical and mental symptoms 

Exercise Two: Do you wear a mask to work?

You will ask yourself to what extent do you feel your public self image matches your personal image?

Exercise Three: Taboo or not? 

Exposing what is considered ‘taboo’ in a safe space creates a sense of community and establishes that mental health belongs to us all.

Exercise Four: Learning Lunch  

‘Lunch and Learns’ are a great way for people who work in different teams and don’t normally interact to get to know one another

Exercise Four: What does stigma feel like? 

This activity is designed to help an audience you are speaking to learn what it feels like to experience stigma.

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